Sustainable protein for our future

Brevel is leading the way with its breakthrough fermentation technology, offering delicious, affordable and sustainable protein for your products, the people and the planet.

2 - Zero hunger
12 - Responsible consumption and production
13 - Climate action
15 - Life on land
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Harvesting the ultimate source of alternative protein

Our innovative technology unlocks the full potential of microalgae, creating a truly superior alternative protein that is perfect for mass production. With Brevel, you can be sure that you are getting the best plant-based protein on the market, tailored to the needs of the food industry.

Product benefits

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Add it to any product for a great sensory experience.

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Amplify your products' excellence, without sacrificing market competitiveness.

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A non-allergenic complete protein with high digestibility.

Dairy-free cheeses and bread loaves


From plant-based meat and seafood, to dairy alternatives, beverages and pastries - use it wherever you need it for the best results.

Switch to Brevel and elevate your products to the next level

A simple solution to a complex sustainability challenge

Cultivating microalgae uses just a fraction of the land and water that's needed for other alternative protein sources, and can be used in any type of food consumable end-product. In addition, microalgae have an insignificant carbon footprint, contributing to your climate goals.

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Leveraging technology for a sustainable future

Brevel is cultivating microalgae at growth rates 100 times faster than outdoor conditions allow. Unlike present-day fermentation technology, we leverage the power of photosynthesis. This allows us to achieve full valorization of the biomass and a 3 times higher commercial value. For the first time ever, we combine fermentation and photosynthesis to reach the highest possible nutritional value at the most competitive market price.

Awards and recognition

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Changing the way the world eats

As the world moves away from animal-based food at a rapid pace, the shortage of raw materials and high-quality proteins can make it difficult for alternative protein suppliers to keep up.

At Brevel, we are passionate about providing protein alternatives that are sustainable, tasty, and affordable. We believe that plant-based protein can be a key part of a more sustainable future. We are therefore committed to using innovative fermentation technology to accelerate the production of plant-based products that are truly sustainable for the planet and its people.

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