For A Sustainable Future

Leading the path to microalgae as the ultimate source of alternative protein

Harnessing the Full Potential of Microalgae

By providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae-based food ingredients, Brevel is opening the doors to microalgae as a natural part of life.

Brevel’s breakthrough technology unlocks the true potential of microalgae as the ultimate source of sustainable protein, providing for the first time a solution which is color and flavor neutral, highly functional and nutritious, affordable and sustainable.

Awards and Recognition

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Best Standards for Best Results


Brevel’s systems provide an exact solution for any manufacturing volume, from lab scale to mass production


For the first time enjoy the benefits of microalgae-based ingredients that meet your cost requirements without compromising quality

High Quality

Our indoor, fully automated systems provide consistently high levels of quality, year-round


Microalgae have been producing our oxygen for the past 2 billion years and are the ultimate natural source of bio-based ingredients

Brevel's Breakthrough Technology

A Breakthrough Technology

Brevel cracked and patented the key elements that are crucial for combining fermentation and photosynthesis in indoor, fully controlled and automated reactors. Compared to existing widespread solutions, the technology increases yield per land by up to x200 and reduces costs by more than 90% which is a complete paradigm shift in the industry.

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About Brevel

Brevel’s breakthrough technology is opening the doors to a sustainable and healthier future, with microalgae as a natural part of the industrial ecosystem.

Our team of experts hold backgrounds in engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, management, and project execution, and have come together to achieve a much-awaited breakthrough. By providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae based products for a variety of industries, we’re paving the way toward establishing microalgae-based ingredients as a key factor in the journey to a more sustainable world.

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