Brevel was founded in 2016 by the three Golan brothers for the purpose of tackling global sustainability challenges by solving the technology barrier which is limiting the microalgae industry from reaching its full enormous potential. In a fully equipped development facility in the south of Israel, Brevel’s talented and dedicated team with a background in engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, management and project execution has finally made the much awaited for breakthrough and developed a large-scale novel photobioreactor capable of disrupting the microalgae industry.

why brevel?

Our grandfather George, a gifted engineer, fled Nazi Germany in the 1930 and arrived at the shores of the United States with what little he had. There, working with own bare hands he founded a company for slow turning motors which later became a great success and was acquired twice by larger manufacturers. George left us his entrepreneurial spirit, his passion for invention and ingenuity and the name he chose for his own company – Brevel, which we chose to take on for the 3rd generation.

Our Team

Yonatan Golan | CEO

Physics MSc. Experienced entrepreneur and leader Co-founder and CEO of a 300 member-owner cooperative

Ido Golan | CTO

Mechanical engineer BSc. Many years of experience in photobioreactor design Microalgae process design course in Wageningen University, NL

Yoav Earon | Sales and Marketing Adviser

MBA, EMBA, LL.B. Talented sales and marketing expert Led presales activities of more than $130M

Amir Levi | Head biologist

Algae biotechnology MSc. Gifted microbiologist expert in microalgae cultivation Expert on mixotrophic cultivation

Avi Tal | VP BizDev

MBA, Marketing. BizDev expert. Co-founded several successful startups and raised cumulatively more than $5M

Matan Golan | Strategy

MD. 15 years experience in complex project execution. Developed a life saving device for remote areas


Siliconegev 2019 startup competition winners
Listed as one of Israel’s most promising agtech startups
Granted a Seal Of Excellence for a very high score by Horizon2020 SME instrument phase 2 evaluation process
Funded by the very competitive European Horizon 2020 program
FoodTech IL 2019 Startup competition finalists
Supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority