Yonatan Golan | CEO

Yonatan is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO. He co-founded and managed a cooperative of more than 300 member-workers for 4 years between 2012-2016 and led it through its profitability and growth stages. He is experienced in employee motivation, group-decision making, negotiation and cooperation encouragement.

Yonatan received his MSc in Physics from the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, where he did his research in the field of molecular bio-physics and studied molecular motion on the microscopic level in live cells. Yonatan published his paper on “Protein subdiffusion at the T-cell membrane” in the high-profile open access journal “Nature communications”. The research included advanced image analysis and large data crunching.

Ido Golan | CTO

Ido is an experienced engineer in industrial scale facilities and specifically in the microalgae industry. Between 2014 and 2016 he was TransAlgae’s chief engineer – a leading microalgae company. In TransAlgae he administered the development and implementation of new designs for improved photobioreactors. He managed the overall operation and maintenance of the cultivation systems on site. 

Ido received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Afeka college of engineering in Tel-Aviv. In 2016 he took part in a multinational course on Microalgae Process Design in the Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands where he gained deep insight on the prospect of the future generations of cultivation systems. Ido is one of the leading and most experienced engineers in the field of photobioreactor design in Israel. Ido is a profound inventor and out-of-the box problem solver. He is an experienced engineer and believes in simple and elegant solutions for complex problems.

Amir Levi | Head biologist

Amir received his MSc in microalgae biotechnology from the Ben Gurion University located in Israel’s southern desert. Amir studied the feasibility of cultivating microalgae under mixotrophic conditions (sugar as a carbon and energy source in addition to photosynthesis by light and CO2). 

In his research Amir arrived at very high and cost-effective growth rates which can be replicated on an industrial scale with adequate cultivation systems. Amir has hands-on experience in microalgae cultivation on an industrial scale in various cultivation systems and different microalgae strains. He has deep knowledge of microalgae physiology and cultivation conditions, as well as good understanding of cultivation techniques and costeffective practices. Amir is a microalgae enthusiast with capabilities to lead and manage complex large-scale projects.

Avi Tal | VP BizDev

Avi received his BA in psychology and communication and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Avi founded several successful startups and led them to revenues and acquisitions. Avi is an experienced business development person with proven marketing, sales and end-to-end project management skills. Avi is passionate about making a positive impact on the world’s sustainability and health through for-profit enterprises.

Yoav Earon | Sales and Marketing Adviser

Yoav is a talented sales and customer success person. He has vast experience in marketing and sales in various global markets where he led presales activities of more than $130M annually while leading teams of more than 20 employees for more than 300 customers. Yoav has a deep background in business management, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing.

Matan Golan | Strategy

Matan received his MD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is experienced in strategy planning and project execution. Matan served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force commando unit, conducting highly complicated missions under extreme pressure. During his medical studies he designed and developed a life saving device for use in remote locations.