About Brevel

When there’s a will, there’s a way – That’s what leads our work. Brevel’s breakthrough technology is opening the doors to a sustainable, affordable, and healthier future, with microalgae as a natural part of the industrial ecosystem.

With Microalgae On Our Side, Dreaming Big Is Finally Within Reach

Brevel believes it’s time for a paradigm shift in the relationship between the industrial society and our planet. We aspire to see a more sustainable world, and with every technological discovery we make, and every new partnership we build, we strengthen the realization that microalgae play a crucial role.

We see microalgae-based ingredients becoming a natural part of life and a first-of-its-kind viable solution for a wide range of industries. By providing truly affordable, consistent, and scalable production of microalgae-based products for various industries, we’re well on our way to naturally achieving – and exceeding – our goals.

Awards and Recognition

Israel Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
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Masschallange gold winner
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Brevel's historic factory

Why “Brevel” -
Our Company Story

Brevel was founded in 2016 by the three Golan brothers. Our grandfather, George, a gifted engineer, emigrated from Germany to the United States in the 1930s with next to nothing to his name.

A hard worker, he founded a thriving company for slow-turning motors, which grew and was acquired by larger manufacturers – twice. Now leading a large corporation for the third generation, our family holds onto his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for invention and ingenuity, and the name he chose for his company, Brevel.

Meet the Team

Amir Levi - Head biologist

Amir Levi

Head biologist

Arik Schor - Chairman of the Board

Arik Schor

Chairman of the Board

Adi Vagman - Advisory Board Finance and Strategy

Adi Vagman

Advisory Board Finance and Strategy

Yehuda Zelig - Advisory Board Business & Operation

Yehuda Zelig

Advisory Board
Business & Operation

Prof. Assaf Sukenik - Advisory Board Scientific Advisor

Prof. Assaf Sukenik

Advisory Board
Scientific Advisor

Ofer Margalit

Ofer Margalit

Advisory Board
CFO and Financing

Our Values

At Brevel, Sustainability is not just a dream for a better tomorrow, it’s a way of life, one that has been ingrained in every layer of our organization. Motivated by our grandfather’s legacy, we adhere to values and an organizational culture that keep us accountable to our surroundings, relationships, and the next generation, so we never question the inheritance we leave behind.

An environment
first approach

The core essence of Brevel’s vision and the goal of our existence is to take action and create a real impact on the environment

A healthy, balanced workplace

Promoting our workers’ wellbeing by providing stability and security on physical, emotional, & occupational levels

Honesty as a policy

Embodying fair practices across daily activities to nurture long-term, cross-chain partnerships and strong reliable relationships

Innovating for
a better tomorrow

Leading the world beyond a vision, so that it begins and ends with cutting-edge technology, and constantly improves upon and innovates groundbreaking new solutions.

Join the Industry’s Best Minds and Help us Build a Better World

Brevel's team and machine
Brevel's team - Work meeting
Brevel's team
Brevel's team

Our Innovation Partners

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