We believe that the internet should be available and accessible to everyone, without prejudice of abilities or status.

Our aim is to fulfill all criteria of content accessibility on the Internet at level AA. Following these regulations ensures that the website is accessible to everyone; the visually challenged, people with motor difficulties, people with epilepsy, color blindness, cognitive challenges and more. BREVEL website has been designed in a manner that ensures it is adapted for all users, in keeping with the equal rights regulations for people with challenges (service accessibility adaptations of 2013, and in accordance with recommendations for internet site content accessibility WCAG 2.0).

  1. The site is written semantically, with accepted HTML tags and content hierarchy. In addition, ARIA features (Accessible Rich Web Applications) are embedded in the website to ensure that users using a screen reader can read, understand and enjoy the website’s functions.
  2. Images contain ALT (alternative text) attributes that provide clear and simple information about the content of the image.
  3. The site is optimized for keyboard navigation: this includes the ability to navigate the site using the Tab and Shit + Tab keys, activate menus and selection fields with the arrow keys and close them with Esc. This also includes activating buttons and links with the Enter key, navigating between radio elements and between checkboxes with the arrow keys, and choosing with the spacebar or the Enter key.
  4. Checked compatibility of the visual order of items and their order in navigation using TAB.
  5. The focus mark when using the keyboard is clear and strong.
  6. Keyboard users will find a skip link to the page content.
  7. The contrast of texts on the site is high, to facilitate reading for users with visual impairment.
  8. Users with hearing aids may experience headaches or other problems due to automatic audio playback. No automatic audio is activated on this site.
  9. The site does not show animations or any movement, and is safe for users with epilepsy.

Browser compatibility and tech support

Our aim is to provide support for the entire browser system and support technology insofar as is possible, so that our users can choose those tools which best suit their needs, with the fewest challenges. We use all those browsers which make up 95% of the user market including Google Chrome, Mozille Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. JAWS and NVDA (screen readers) work with both Windows and MAC.

Accessibility to the Brevel sites

Accessibility to the Brevel site in Kiryat Gat for people with disabilities

Brevel is committed to making its site accessible to users with physical, cognitive, and sensual disabilities based on the worldview that everyone should have equal access to services.

Brevel has invested significant resources in ensuring that our site is accessible to allow most of the population to visit easily and enjoy the services on the site.

On our site, you will find:

  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible toilets
  • Accessible meeting room
  • Obstacle-free access passageway
  • Wide aisles
  • Directional signage

Accessibility to the Brevel site in Shekef for people with disabilities

Bervel’s R&D site is not designed or intended for visitor reception and is not accessible. However, if someone is willing to visit and needs accessibility adjustment, you may contact us, and we will do our best to find the appropriate solutions.

Comments and feedback

Despite our many efforts to ensure the ability of every user to adapt the site for their needs, there may still be pages or sections which are not fully accessible, and which are either in the process of being made accessible, or there may not yet be an appropriate technological solution for them. If you encounter a problem or are unable to use any section of the site, or if you have ideas to help us improve it, we would be glad to hear from you.

Our accessibility Coordinator

Matan Golan


This page was updated on 21/06/2023

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