Optimal Health Starts with Natural Sources

Harness the natural health benefits of microalgae for a new generation of potent and sustainable nutraceutical products.

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Microalgae is the Natural Key to Enhanced Nutraceuticals

The nutraceuticals and supplements industries face two opposing challenges. First, the changing lifestyles and rising health concerns of the world’s populations, requiring very specific, personalized, potent, and pure ingredients. Second, increased demand for natural, clean-labeled, non-GMO, organic and healthy ingredients.
Provide your customers with the only product that fully answers both market needs with microalgae, and reach optimized potency alongside naturally sourced, sustainable production that’s better for the people and better for the world.

Accuracy and Precision Ensures Optimized Results

Brevel’s unique process enables clean, natural and sustainable microalgae-based ingredient production, ensuring optimal efficacy and bioavailability. Our precise and wide control of all growth parameters maximizes microalgae potential and consistently produces the highest quality ingredients. The indoor closed systems enable a resource efficient and natural process with no added chemicals and minimizes the environmental footprint required for sustainable production.

Backed by Science

Our unique technological advantage allows us to innovate and advance the use of microalgae-based carotenoids with higher quality and affordability than what was available before. We focus our development on leading scientific research in health-promoting substances:


Fucoxanthin is known for its many health benefits, such as weight-loss, enhanced liver function and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a highly sought-after ingredient in the nutraceutical market. Brevel’s unique combination of light and fermentation in the cultivation process enables a precise and repeatable production of fucoxanthin at accessible costs.

Researcher in lab coat holding tube and bottle
Microalgae cultivation test plate


Phytoene is produced in high concentrations in microalgae. Research indicates its significant immunity-enhancement and health-promoting attributes. Brevel’s unique, affordable, non-GMO and herbicide-free production process allows Phytoene’s introduction to the nutraceutical market for the very first time.

Accelerate Novel Cosmetics Product Development with Brevel’s R&D at your service

Harness the power of our unique technology and years of experience to take your ideas from POC to industrial success. Our R&D capabilities can inject new beauty and potential into the cosmetics market through the power of microalgae.

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