Future-proof your food products with Brevel

Brevel's alternative protein is a high-quality ingredient that can seamlessly blend into any of your end products, making them more sustainable whilst allowing you to diversify your protein sources.

White and yellow powders
Soft Drinks

End applications

As a versatile and high-quality ingredient, Brevel’s alternative protein can be added to a wide range of animal-free products, including milk, cheese, meat, and seafood, without altering their taste or appearance. In addition, Brevel's alternative protein is competitively priced, making it a cost-effective choice for your business.

Hummus spread and toasts
French fries and a hamburger
Plant milk and coffee machine

Better for you, your customers and the planet

Give your customers the products they already know and love, but with a higher nutritional value and a cleaner label, containing all the essential amino-acids necessary for a healthy diet.

Plant based cheese

Checks all the boxes

High Protein Absorption
Complete Protein
Long Shelf Life
Gluten Free
100% Natural

A stable supply chain you can rely on

Forget droughts, floods or climate influences - our high-quality protein is always available. With a constant flow of protein, you’ll never have to worry about price fluctuations or supply shortages. You can even skip the delivery cost with a production facility built right next to your factory.

Brevel supply chain - Cultivation, packaging, transportation and use in your products
Brevel's technology - researcher working with bioreactors

Developing what the industry needs

Our advanced and unique fermentation technology allows us to produce innovative ingredients, that enable food innovation you never thought possible.

Algal Oil
Algal Biomass

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