Take Your Ideas to Industrial Production Heights

Our years of experience, technology, and R&D capabilities enable us to develop novel ingredients from microalgae, so you can scale your production with the highest quality results, in no time!

R&D as a Service:
Working Together to Accelerate Novel Product Development

Proof of Concept

See your Ideas Come to Life

Leverage the best conditions and expertise to find the optimal microalgae solution for your needs.

Process Development

Take your Innovation to the Next Step

Scale your production process and bring your concept to commercial readiness, using our unique technological capabilities.

Advanced Technological Capabilities are Key to Your R&D

Variety of scales

Our high-quality production remains consistent for all sizes of projects, from small scale POC to large-scale final product and down-stream development.

Laboratory conditions in high volumes

Gain the precise conditions you need for science-based production at any volume – laboratory quality on an industrial scale.

Full control of parameters

We control every aspect of the production process, so we can tailor the optimized environment to your goals.

Data driven R&D

Optimize the R&D process and get clear results, based on our continuous data collection and analysis methods.

Brevel's Research and Development technology - researcher working with lab scale bioreactors

Leading Microalgae Toward New Frontiers

Brevel is spearheading novel microalgae-based product development.

Our advanced technology and unique capabilities are redefining the microalgae industry’s boundaries and untapping its vast potential for a more sustainable future.

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