A Paradigm Shift in Microalgae Cultivation

Brevel’s fully automated, industrial scale indoor reactors unlocks the full potential of microalgae by producing the highest quality natural ingredients at accessible costs.

Combining the Best of Two Worlds

Brevel’s patented technology combines an advanced fermentation process with a high concentration of internal illumination.
Our unique fermentation results in high and consistent yields, while the addition of light enables photosynthesis for the production of an abundance of the finest microalgae-based ingredients. Food – Microalgae is the ultimate source of sustainable protein and essential nutrients. Enhance your products with microalgae as an additive, or as a main ingredient.

Brevel's technology combines Phototrophy with Heterotrophy
Monitor- Brevel's technology provide precise control

Precise Control of Every Parameter

At Brevel, we view microalgae cultivation as an advanced high-tech industry.

We fully and precisely control every biological aspect: temperature, pH, oxygen levels, light spectrum, and more to achieve optimal growth conditions, making consistency and repeatability a norm, when meeting your most stringent requirements.

Setting new standards of efficiency

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Growth rate
x 130
Land productivity
20 %
Cost reduction
30 %
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Any Scale

Utilizing multiple sizes of indoor reactors, Brevel’s versatile manufacturing capabilities allow for production according to your requirements - from grams to tons, and from samples to year round supply.


Brevel’s indoor stainless-steel reactors meet the highest industrial standards and are compatible with any location and environment. The compact and modular design allows direct on-site deployment anywhere production is required.

Sustainable Technology for a More Sustainable World

Brevel is paving the way to a new era of microalgae production that is indoors, fully controlled, precise and automated, taking the industry a major step forward to a sustainable future.
Cultivation that does not rely on arable lands, is independent of climate and weather, is very resource and water-efficient, and has a very small footprint is what the future of food and ingredient production should hold. 

Brevel's technology - researcher working with bioreactors

Our Solutions

Our sustainable, carbon negative and natural products can become a key part of our partners’ sustainability endeavors, in each of their respective industries.
Our versatile systems are suitable for pretty much any strain and cultivation conditions, ready to meet your needs and make your industry more sustainable and profitable.

Brevel as a platform

Have an idea of how our technology can boost or compliment your area of work? Let’s come together and collaborate on our shared, sustainable future.

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