a paradigm shift in microalgae cultivation

Brevel's fully automated, industrial scale indoor reactors unlock the full potential of microalgae by producing the highest quality natural ingredients at accessible costs.

Brevel's solution - Photosynthesis and fermentation

When fermentation and light come together

Our patented technology combines an advanced fermentation process with a high concentration of internal illumination. This results in high and consistent yields coupled with photosynthesis to produce the finest microalgae-based ingredients.

Precise control of every parameter

At Brevel, we view microalgae cultivation as an advanced high-tech industry.

We precisely control every biological aspect – temperature, pH, oxygen levels, light spectrum, and much more – to achieve optimal growth conditions, making consistency and repeatability a norm. This allows us to meet your most stringent requirements.

Dashboard with parameters: Temperature/Press and PH/DO

Year-round excellent quality is our guarantee

Reactor and factory

Supply-chain independent

Microalgae is lab-produced, so it’s not impacted by labor or logistics issues.

Reactor and different weathers

Climate independent

Indoor production means the weather is never an issue.

Reactors all over the globe

Location independent

Brevel's reactors are easy to install in any location, so you can build a production facility right next to your factory.

Setting new standards of efficiency

x 80
80 %
x 0
environmental footprint

Sustainable technology for a more sustainable world

We’re paving the way to a new era of microalgae production that’s indoors, fully controlled, precise and automated, taking the industry a major step forward to a sustainable future. Cultivation that doesn't rely on arable land is independent of climate and weather, is resource and water efficient, and has a very small footprint compared to what today's food and ingredient production emits.

Nature - Hills, sky and clouds
An engineer works in a laboratory

Our solutions

Our sustainable, carbon negative and natural products can become a key part of our partners’ sustainability endeavors, in each of their respective industries.

Our versatile systems allow for the growth of most known strains of microalgae, ready to meet your needs and make your industry more sustainable and profitable.

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Innovating for food security

As climate change continues to pose threats such as floods, droughts, and fires, food security has become a major concern worldwide. Supply chains are also being affected by conflicts, leading to unstable prices. Brevel's fermentation facility offers an optimal solution for food security, with the ability to grow nutritious microalgae that can be used as a reliable and sustainable source of protein. As an innovative and eco-friendly solution, Brevel's technology is an invaluable resource for countries and organizations seeking a secure and stable food source in the face of these challenges.


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