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Modern fish farming techniques

Synthetic Coloring Is Holding Us Back

While demand for natural and sustainable products is growing worldwide, farmed salmon and trout still obtain their color from a synthetic pigment (astaxanthin) produced from petrochemicals and prohibited for direct human consumption.

The Natural Alternative

Shifting to microalgae, a natural source of astaxanthin, will improve fish wellbeing, provide a healthier diet for consumers and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Making the Move Forward Possible

Production of natural astaxanthin from microalgae used to come at a prohibitive cost. Not anymore. Brevel’s novel technology enables its cost-effective production at scale and opens the door to a healthier, more consumer-centric aquaculture industry.

Best Standards for Best Results

and sustainable

Lead the shift in consumer awareness and demands for sustainable practices and a healthy diet.

fish health

Reduce fish mortality rates with stronger antioxidant content and enhanced protein and fat supplements.

Improved offering,
same great rates

Don’t change anything in your process or budget – secure better results without spending any more.

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