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Leave your Mark with Product Innovation

We are currently experiencing a push towards naturally-derived personal care. Highly-educated consumers are searching for natural ingredients from sustainable sources, without compromising quality. Governmental regulations are tightening on cosmetics manufacturing and environmental awareness is rising from within the industry. Shifting your business towards natural ingredients has become inevitable in order to stay relevant.
Microalgae offer endless new opportunities for natural, sustainable and high-quality products.

Maximize Your Natural Potential with Microalgae

Brevel specializes in laboratory produced microalgae-based ingredients. Our precise and wide control of growth parameters maximizes microalgae potential and produces the highest quality ingredients.
Our indoor closed systems enable a resource-efficient and natural process with no added chemicals, minimizing the environmental footprint required for sustainable production.
With Brevel you can innovatively answer market demands for natural personal health and beauty products, while reaching your sustainability goals with unique microalgae ingredients.

The Holistic Transformation of Cosmetics Powered by Microalgae

As they age, consumers are growing aware and demand beauty products that are not just skin-deep, but rather suggest a more holistic approach that supports healthier and more beautiful skin.

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Phytoene - Renewing the Skin Like Nature Does

Produced in high concentrations in microalgae, phytoene is the top plant-based source of UV protection, antioxidant activity, immunity enhancement, anti-aging properties, etc. Colorless, stable, and health-promoting, phytoene is ideal for novel skin-care, nutricosmetics and wellness applications.
Brevel’s unique methods guarantee clean, pesticide-free, non-GMO, sustainably sourced and all-natural products.

Distill the Essence with
Bio-active Extracts

2 billion+ years of evolution has driven microalgae to develop protections and bioactive compounds against radiation, weather conditions, dryness, oxidative stress, etc., raising market interest in its wide industrial applications.
Brevel’s cultivation of bioactive extracts from microalgae species enables the production of innovative solutions that meet your customers’ needs.

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Accelerate Novel Cosmetics Product Development with Brevel’s R&D at your service

Harness the power of our unique technology and years of experience to take your ideas from POC to industrial success. Our R&D capabilities can inject new beauty and potential into the cosmetics market through the power of microalgae.

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